The seas are rising, and so are the kids!

  Friday March 15th 2019 was the day that schoolchildren and college students around the world marched and protested in their millions, serving notice to their elders that the time has come for radical action to deal with the urgent threat of catastrophic climate change. They proudly and confidently stood up for a safe climate […]

A ‘Journey of Love’ song for a Plastic Free Eastbourne

A new music video, featuring local songwriter David Stopp (a longstanding active member of Eastbourne Friends of the Earth) singing his new song, Journey of Love, has just been launched on YouTube. The song was composed especially for the Plastic Free Eastbourne campaign, which has engaged many groups across town, including the borough council, in […]

Tree Friends aim to plant 2019 trees in Eastbourne during 2019!

Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth have formed a trees subgroup, calling itself Tree Friends. We have met 6 times, since forming a year ago, with the purpose of planting and facilitating tree planting and tree protection in Eastbourne. We look to work with any individuals or groups who want to see more tree and […]

Time for Eastbourne to declare a Climate Emergency

The December meeting of Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth unanimously agreed to ask Eastbourne Borough Council to declare a Climate Emergency and to commit to making the town carbon-neutral by 2030. The meeting also approved a draft motion for a Climate Emergency declaration that could be put to full council for it to […]

Our Climate Emergency needs the spirit of the Blitz

This blog post is written by our Co-ordinator, Andrew Durling, and is the same article as was printed in the December edition of the Eastbourne Voice, but contains clickable links for some of the sources used in this article, links which are not available in the Voice article. We are now faced with the fact […]

A new A27 dual carriageway between Lewes & Polegate? No thanks!

  Derrick Coffee, a County Officer from the Campaign for Better Transport, and an Eastbourne resident, has written a detailed and evidence-based case against the plans for a new A27 dual carriageway that have recently been submitted by a coalition of local politicians and business leaders to the Department of Transport. We reproduce his letter […]