where do the Eastbourne General Election candidates stand on the key environmental issues?


Beefriendly plaqueCandidates’ positions on environmental questions.

Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth had to cancel the environmental hustings it had organised the day after the Manchester bombings due to electioneering being suspended that day. As so many people were disappointed to not be able to hear the candidates views we asked all candidates to submit written replies to four questions that we had prepared. We gave all candidates the same amount of time to answer and chased those that had not replied. We hope this helps give an idea of how the different candidates are approaching environmental issues in this area.

For more information on the candidates positions on different issues see the Eastbourne Buzz election interviews.

Will you make sure we keep and improve all EU laws currently protecting our health & environment?

Caroline Ansell (Cons) No answer received in writing yet

Stephen Lloyd (Lib Dem)  I will do my utmost to persuade the government to keep these important health and environment laws and subsume them into UK legislation. 

Jake Lambert (Labour) ‘Yes’

Alex Hough (Green Party) Yes, and we’ll beef them up’


Will you back a permanent ban on neonicotinoid pesticides that harm bees?

C A (Cons) No answer received in writing yet.

S L (Lib Dem) Yes

J L (Labour) Yes

A H (Green) Yes


3. Will you back urgent action to meet our climate change targets, back renewable energy and support the banning of fracking?

C A (Conservative) Caroline has said verbally she is against fracking in East Sussex.

S L (Lib Dem) Yes

J L (Labour) Yes

A H (Green) Yes and all the new wind turbines will have radar to shut them off if a flock of birds approaches.

4. Will you commit to urgently ending the illegal air pollution crisis and phase out diesel vehicles by 2025?

C A (Cons) No answer received in writing yet.

S L (Lib Dem)  So long as there are proper and fair transition costs to assist people who innocently bought diesel vehicles. It is important we carry the public with us.

J L (Labour) Yes although I believe there is an ongoing review about to be published regarding the diesel pledge. 

A H (Green) Yes but before 2025.  And we’ll get the CEO’s of Volkswagen et al to pay for new clean cars for all those affected.  And they’ll pay for an electric charging point in every town.  And if they don’t, we’ll sue them for the early deaths of 23,000 people.


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