An Eastbourne General Election hustings for Nature


What has nature ever done for us?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. But nature is in crisis. From a planet in grave danger from catastrophic climate change to a wildlife in danger of being damaged beyond repair, there’s a host of environmental issues that need to be put on the political agenda, and there’s no better time to do that than in the midst of a General Election when politicians are touting for our votes.

Here in Eastbourne we in Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth are proud to be co-hosting  – along with the United Nations Association Eastbourne – an Environmental Hustings on Tuesday 23rd May at Eastbourne Town Hall, starting at 7.30pm. All four parliamentary candidates standing in the Eastbourne & Willingdon constituency have accepted the invitation to attend the hustings. The candidates are:

Caroline Ansell, Conservative Party

Alex Hough, Green Party

Jake Lambert, Labour Party

Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrat Party

For further details and updates about the hustings, please follow the Facebook event page we’ve set up for it.

Friends of the Earth has created a special guide to the General Election to hep you make sense of the environmental issues that politicians need to address, and to help you formulate the questions that you can put to them.

If you wish to submit written questions for the hustings ahead of the event, you can do so by posting them on the Facebook event page or by sending the questions to:

The first public announcement of our hustings can be seen here.


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