In the aftermath of victory, quo vadis?

Here’s a message from our Co-ordinator, Andrew Durling: So the struggle to save Eastbourne’s downland from being flogged off by Eastbourne Borough Council is over. A famous victory for people power has been won. Our rare and fragile downland, rich in wildlife and natural beauty, and much loved by people around the world, remains in […]

Sussex Ramblers urge Eastbourne Borough Council not to sell off the downland

We’ve just received the text of a letter written by Sussex Ramblers, urging Eastbourne Borough Council not to sell off the local downland:   Cllr David Tutt, Eastbourne Borough Council 1 Grove Road, Eastbourne 2 March 2017 Dear Cllr Tutt On behalf of Sussex Ramblers, I am objecting to the proposal by Eastbourne Borough Council […]

Letter from an Eastbourne resident about the downland sell-off

During the course of the Keep Our Downs Public campaign to stop Eastbourne Borough Council going ahead with its plan to sell off 75% (about 3,000 acres) of the Eastbourne Downland Estate, countless letters have been written by Eastbourne residents to Eastbourne Borough Council and its individual councillors, urging the council to halt the sell-off. It’s […]

Eastbourne Tories, Labour, and now Greens condemn plan to sell off local downland

The Eastbourne Green Party has recently expressed its unequivocal opposition to Eastbourne Borough Council’s plan to sell off 75% of the Eastbourne Downland Estate,  a rare, fragile, wildlife-rich and much-loved landscape that has belonged to the town of Eastbourne since 1929. This coincides with the recent expression of unequivocal opposition to the sale that was […]