Clarity on the downland sell-off? It’s like pulling teeth…

Our Co-ordinator, Andy Durling, gives his immediate response to the release by Eastbourne Borough Council of its official responses to some of the questions raised about the proposed sale of Eastbourne’s public downland: Quietly, just before Christmas, without telling the press, let alone us, Eastbourne Borough Council placed on its website its responses to the […]

Eastbourne council breaks ‘covenant’ on People’s Downland held since 1929

So now we know: a central plank of Eastbourne Borough Council’s defence of its proposed sell-off of nearly 3,000 acres of the Eastbourne Downland Esate, purchased by the town in 1929 to be held in the public interest “in perpetuity”, has been shredded. And shredded in about the most comprehensive and definitive way possible. And […]

why not invest in the Eastbourne downland farms rather than flog them off?

Blog post today is from our Co-ordinator, Andy Durling: I’ve just watched the BBC Countryfile programme, which had an item about the accelerating sell-off of council-owned farms. The government-sponsored report, Future of Farming Review, was mentioned. So I looked it up (…/pb13982-future-farming-review-20130709…). These extracts from it struck me: “The agricultural sector is often characterised as […]