Open letter to Stephen Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne, about our clean energy future


The letter below was supposed to be printed in today’s edition of the Eastbourne Herald, but it wasn’t. But then the Eastbourne Herald rarely prints anything by us, for some strange reason. So, for what it is worth, it is published here:

Dear Editor,

On June 3rd there will be a crucial vote in Parliament on the Energy Bill, which will decide Britain’s energy future for decades to come. If an amendment to that Bill, committing the UK to achieving a total decarbonisation of the electricity power sector by 2030, is passed that day, then Britain’s energy future will be one of clean, safe, renewable energy that will lay the basis for a sustainable, prosperous green economy that will produce far more jobs for our children than a dirty, increasingly expensive, climate-damaging fossil-fuel based economy ever could. This 2030 target is one that the Committee on Climate Change, the government’s official advisor on climate, says is critical if we are to meet our statutory obligations under the Climate Change Act to achieve an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

Nearly 300 MPs now support this amendment to the Energy Bill. But our local Eastbourne MP, Stephen Lloyd, has not yet declared his support for the amendment despite the 2030 target being Liberal Democrat party policy. We in Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth implore Stephen to vote for the amendment in order to safeguard not only Britain’s clean energy future, but also to safeguard his legacy of having worked hard over the years to help safeguard the local and national environment. There is no greater challenge than safeguarding our climate and what better way to do that than by ensuring that investment in the green economy is unleashed by the strong signal to businesses that the 2030 target would send. Countries like Denmark and Germany have shown how quickly a transition to a clean energy economy can happen if the right signals of support are given by central government. Now is the time to do just that by standing up for the 2030 target, which a whole host of businesses, NGOs (such as Greenpeace, RSPB, and WWF) and civil society groups support.

Now is the time, Stephen, to show that you stand by the Liberal Democrat principles that you and your colleagues subscribe to by voting for the 2030 target and ensuring that the greatest legacy of the Coalition will be the safeguarding of a sustainable energy and climate future. We also urge Eastbourne residents to help by contacting Stephen themselves before June 3rd to add their voices to the call for Stephen to back the 2030 target, for the sake of all our futures, and all our childrens’ futures.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Durling,

Co-ordinator, Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth.




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