Some home truths about the realities of fracking

Note: the following post is by our Co-ordinator, Andrew Durling, reflecting his own personal views, and is not to be taken as representing the official view of Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth. There was an important private meeting between local environmental campaigners and Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith on 15th May in Brighton, which I […]

Bringing Back the Buzz to Eastbourne

The bees are back in town or they will be very soon when they realise that Eastbourne has laid out a feast for them of no less than sixteen seductively bee- friendly gardens throughout the various parks. This Saturday the sun shone on our enterprise as members of Eastbourne Friends of the Earth and local community group […]

Notes from the Magical Mystery Bee Tour

The Magical Mystery Bee Tour that took place on Saturday May 18th in warm sunshine was indeed magical as the mysteries of the bees were explored within the grounds of a 12th century Cluniac priory in Eastbourne. The main building of the priory, together with its chapel, is still essentially intact and unchanged, redolent with […]