Shale Gas Fracking in Sussex: Heaven or Hell?

There will be a film screening and public meeting about fracking on Thursday 7th March at Eastbourne Town Hall at 7.00pm. The process of fracking for shale gas is rapidly becoming a controversial issue nationally, and is beginning to become a very live issue for all of us in Sussex, especially as Caudrilla have permission to do a test drill at its site in Balcombe. Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth are proud to sponsor and present this event in order to educate the public about the realities of the fracking process and the risks involved. Guest speakers will present their knowledge and experience about the risks of fracking, as well as present an alternative vision of clean renewable energy that has far less risks and which can avoid the need for fracking in the first place. There will also be a chance to put questions to the guest speakers. Entry to the event is free and no booking is required. Further details of the event will be posted here as and when they become available.


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