press release for the Bee Walks on 8th September 2012 in Eastbourne

Bee Walk on Saturday 8th September in Eastbourne


As part of the national Bee Cause campaign by Friends of the Earth, there will be a Bee Walk in Eastbourne on Saturday 8th September to help raise awareness of the need to help protect England’s bees, and the wild flowers that support them. Bees are under threat as never before, with a massive decline in both their health and numbers. Without bees, our food supply, and the kind of countryside we cherish, becomes much more difficult to maintain.

The details of the Bee Walk planned for Saturday 8th September are now finalised. Actually there will be two Bee Walks! The first one will be in Hampden Park, and will start at 10.00am from the cafe next to the pond, and will last until 12.00 noon. The second one will be in Gildredge Park and will set off from the cafe there at 2.30pm and last until 4.30pm.

The Bee Walk is all about helping to find out what’s good and bad for bees where we live, and the results of the Bee Walk will contribute to whatever Local Bee Action Plan emerges in the Eastbourne area, and will also contribute to the emerging National Bee Action Plan that Friends of the Earth is pushing for over the next year. Indeed, it is hoped that Eastbourne Borough Council may soon adopt more bee-friendly policies for the management of its parks, gardens and public spaces. Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth has been asked to help provide encouragement for these new policies by, amongst other things, providing feedback to the council about the results of the Bee Walks.

Everybody is welcome to either, or both, of the Bee Walks, which are free of charge. There will be guidance sheets and feedback forms available for everybody taking part in the Bee Walks, along with free gifts of wildflower seed packets, bee badges, bee booklets, and bee posters! People are encouraged to bring along a camera to record things that are of relevance to bees and wildflowers. So, for a healthy walk on the wild side, buzz along to a Bee Walk and support our precious bees!


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