Press release for July 12th film screening in Eastbourne

Friends of the Earth buzzes into Eastbourne!

Free film screening about Bees, Thursday July 12th 6.30pm

Eastbourne Town Hall

The newly formed Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth group launches on Thursday 12th July at Eastbourne Town Hall, with a free community screening of the internationally acclaimed and award-winning film ‘Queen of the Sun: what are the bee telling us?’

The film screening aims to create a buzz about bees, which are under threat worldwide because of factors such as pesticides, loss of habitats, and climate change. We rely on bees for most of our foods because bees are essential for pollination of many trees, plants, and crops, so it is vital that we all help to save our bees. A free Bee Supper at the film screening will reveal just how dependent we are on bees, while free packets of wildflower seeds will be available to encourage people to make their own gardens bee-friendly.

Doors open at 6.30pm with the film screening starting at 7.00pm, followed by speakers from Eastbourne Council, Friends of the Earth, and a world-renowned beekeeper. The event is expected to run until 9.30pm. The screening is backed by Eastbourne Borough Council and the Community Environment Partnership Eastbourne (CEPE).

Stephen Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne, has pledged his support, telling Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth:

“I am delighted to support this initiative. It is clear that something has been amiss amongst our bee population for a few years now, so anything that can help turn the decline around has to be welcome. The Friends of the Earth campaign – Bee Cause – is a really good start because it is, crucially, about raising awareness not just with politicians but all the public. Anything I can do to help push this in Parliament, I will do.”

The film screening will also feature a line-up of speakers who will explain what we can all do to help bees and also answer questions about the issues raised by the film. Councillor Steve Wallis from Eastbourne Borough Council will talk about what has been done by the council, and what can be done, to help bees locally, while Andrew Pendleton, Head of Campaigns at Friends of the Earth will explain what the Bee Cause campaign is doing nationally, and Heidi Herrmann from the Natural Beekeeping Trust will share her vast experience of bees and beekeeping.

The evening will also be the first ever public showing in Eastbourne of a revolutionary new beehive – the Sun Hive – designed by natural beekeepers, who are pioneering radical new ways of protecting the health of honey bees worldwide. This beautiful hive, hand-made from completely organic materials, is totally unlike conventional beehives. Heidi Herrmann will be on hand to explain how the hive works and to answer questions about it.

Contact: Andrew Durling (Co-ordinator of Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth). Tel: 01323 460338 or 07402321382. Email:


  1. More information about the campaign is at
  2. Information about Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth is at :

Twitter @eastbournefoe

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