Queen of the Sun film screening on July 12th

It’s been a very busy time for Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth over the last couple of months as its local Bee Cause campaign has started in earnest with a couple of very successful campaign stalls at the Eastbourne Cycling Festival and at the Big Garden Party event at Stone Cross Nurseries over the recent Jubilee weekend. The campaign has been very well received by members of the public, who generally understand – even with little or no information provided – the importance of such an iconic species as the bee and the critical link between bee health and our own health as a human species.  Now the campaign steps up a gear with the group busily organising a free community screening of the ‘Queen of the Sun‘ film about bees and the worldwide decline in their numbers and health. This film is an award-winning documentary, and will be shown at Eastbourne Town Hall on Thursday July 12th at 7.00pm (doors open at 6.30pm). This screening will also be an opportunity to do a proper public  launch of the  Eastbourne and District Friends of the Earth group, and to that end it is hoped that a range of speakers and special guests will attend so as to help explain both the need for the Bee Cause campaign and the need for the group to be supported locally. A top speaker from Friends of the Earth head office will be present and a panel of speakers will be available for a Question and Answer session after the film in order to follow up on the issues raised by the film. All the wonderful Bee Cause materials will be available for the public to look at and the Bee Cause petition for a National Bee Action Plan will be available for people to sign up to.

Now the challenge will be to publicise this film screening as widely as possible so that as many local people as possible have the chance to see this eye-opening film and to truly appreciate the challenges and the rewards of helping to protect the bees we need so much. If you can help with publicity for this film, please let us know, and please pass on the message about this film screening to your friends, family, and colleagues. Many thanks go to Eastbourne Borough Council and the Community Environment Partnership Eastbourne (CEPE) for their generous support in helping to make this film screening possible, and in helping our new group to become established. And most of all, please come to the film screening yourself and help us to create a buzz about bees loud enough to ensure that there is real action – both on a local and a national level – to save the bees and the biodiversity that both the bees and we ourselves depend upon. What’s more, there is free entry to the film (no booking required), which will be shown within the grandiose Victorian splendour of Eastbourne Town Hall!


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