The winds of change…

Eastbourne Friends of the Earth is now an official local group of the national Friends of the Earth charity (please celebrate!), and even though the group is still trying to get itself properly organised, the amount of campaigning that is being done by members of the group is rapidly escalating. Right now, many in the group are doing their best to support the Yes to Polegate Wind Farm support group, which is very active at the moment and doing a lot of work helping to translate the groundswell of support for wind energy locally into urgent lobbying of Wealden District Council, urging it to give full planning permission for the Shepham Wind Farm project in Polegate. Everyone can participate in this lobbying by following the guidance available on this link:

Still on the theme of wind energy, the public consultation process being undertaken by E.ON on its proposal for the Rampion offshore wind farm off the Sussex coast is due to end on May 6th. So please urgently help to support this project by following this link:

The next full meeting of Eastbourne Friends of the Earth will be on Tuesday 8th May at the Eastbourne  Town Hall, when the first phase of the local Bee Cause campaign will be finalised. Please come along, whether you are a Friends of the Earth member or not, to find out how you can join in with the Bee Cause campaign and help us start a buzzing conversation locally about our precious bees. For details of the Bee cause campaign as it is being rolled out nationally by Friends of the Earth, and to sign the Bee Cause petition, please see:


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