Urgent need to support local wind farm projects

In my capacity as Co-ordinator of the Eastbourne Friends of the Earth, I attended a meeting last night of the support group for the Shepham Wind Farm project in the Polegate area that is at present going through the planning process. The meeting was, in my humble opinion, a great success and resulted in the support group becoming much more organised and already planning a clear way forward as far as campaigning in support of the wind farm is concerned.  This campaign is most needed as there is a substantial and very vocal opposition to the wind farm locally, an opposition that is very much based upon a lot of misinformation and negative reporting of the project, with has adversely impacted upon local public opinion. There is an urgent need to inject some facts and accurate information into the local debate about the wind farm, especially as wind farms, whether onshore or offshore, play a vital role in the switchover that the UK needs to make from dependence upon fossil fuels to renewable sources for energy generation. This switchover needs to happen fast, for several reasons. But the biggest reason, for me anyway, is that the pace of global warming is so fast that truly urgent steps need to be taken in order to reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible. We in East Sussex can contribute greatly to helping this switchover by supporting projects such as the Shepham Wind Farm and the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, which has just been opened to public consultation, and which will be sited just off the Sussex coast, near Newhaven. If these two projects go ahead, then the electricity generated would be equivalent to meeting the electricity needs of pretty much all the homes in East Sussex! A website for supporting the Shepham Wind Farm has just gone live and is available here. And support for the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm can be expressed here. Let’s give some support for the renewable energy revolution!


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