Letter in support of Rampion published in Eastbourne Herald on Feb 24th

Dear editor, Mr Geoff King’s letter of February 17 in which he claims that wind farms are not efficient is grossly negative and sadly lacking in any evidence for his conclusions. In the UK a single average-sized turbine of 1megawatt capacity typically produces at least 2.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This is […]

Letter in support of Rampion published in Sussex Express on Feb 24th

Dear editor, Mr Beck’s letter of February 17, in which he attacked the proposed Rampion offshore wind farm, represented a gross distortion of the facts about the project. The biggest distortion was his assumption that the installed capacity of the farm, 700 megawatts, represented the total output of electricity generated by the farm. The 700 […]

The war over Rampion has begun…

Well, the public consultation for the Rampion Offshore Wind Project has only just started and already the anti-wind farm brigade are in full cry with a barrage of letters to the local newspapers, full of misinformation and myths about wind power in general and wind farms in particular. A letter in the Eastbourne Herald of […]

Hello world!

Welcome to this new blog specifically for members and supporters of Eastbourne Friends of the Earth to discuss their own views about, and ideas for, environmental campaigning and all matters related to it. This is not an official blog of the national Friends of the Earth, but Eastbourne Friends of the Earth is an official […]